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Name:Keiran O'Leary
Birthdate:Feb 2
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:♣ Dream Like New York

Keiran Marcus O'Leary was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland. After living there his whole life, he had applied online from Ireland for a gig as bassist to Angel Shaw, who was set to launch a six month long international tour. What Keiran loved about music was watching the musician feel it with every fibre of them, and Angel had that without a shadow of a doubt. He flew to New York for Angel to meet, with the talented kid wanting to hand-pick his own band and the leads of his back-up dance troop. He was in this for the entire experience and even though Keiran was a singer himself, he liked being part of the bigger picture here where Angel had the whole world at his feet. He was picked, and the rest was history. With the tour now over, and Angel with his band back on US soil, they are now have a permanent gig with him, and Keiran couldn't be happier, considering the patchy past he had, losing direction when he lost the love of his life.

Keiran was a laid back guy who had come to live a life of just rolling the punches in probably a borderline hippy way. He was a musician at heart, and playing bass was his biggest passion. He didn't have the urge to front like Angel did, even if he had experience in lead singing. He liked being part of the package and a piece of a whole scene, and he was really enjoying the lifestyle of following a professional musician around, seeing the world and just playing damn good music. Now the tour was over, though, he had taken a part-time job as a music teacher, which is what he did back in Ireland after doing a degree in Education as well as playing the pub scene over there with a band. He had left that behind to work with Angel, though, and it proved to be a fantastic choice and the change in pace he needed. He had come not to bank on anything as a surety anymore, though. Not after letting himself believe he would have a happily ever after with his childhood sweetheart, Mandy Fitzpatrick. That had told him that fairy tales were bullshit and reality really did bite. He was better off alone, which was why he had a somewhat peace, love, and que sera sera attitude these days. So, when it suddenly came to light that Mandy had come to New York also to not only be with her brother Euan, but also to take a job as Angel's Personal Assistant, Keiran somewhat felt like his gut dropped out of him and fell right off the stage without a safety harness. Had he told Mandy he was fine with her breaking their engagement and promise to marry? Yep. Had he felt the same way and understood the whole mess, keeping in touch no matter what? Not even close.

He hadn't seen Mandy in person in literally years at that point. A lot had changed in those years. He was no longer just the chilled Irish lad who liked music and hoped to become a music teacher, pretty much just blending into the background for everything Mandy wanted. She had always been the ambitious one. Back then, he just thought he was doing the right thing, but like it or not, what happened between them had changed a lot. Despite promises to the contrary, they never managed to stay friends because by the time the dust settled, all Keiran could see was that it would always be about what Mandy wanted and needed and desired. He had walked away determined to live his life as his own, and he did.

After losing Mandy, Keiran came out as bi and enjoyed a lot of casual sex. He never settled into another relationship again, still hurt from losing everything in the past and scared of being hurt all over again. On the tour, he enjoyed a casual threesome with a couple of the other band members, Rhett George and Jax Alvarez. He's content, but he wouldn't go so far as to say he's content because, whether he wants to admit it or not, he never stopped loving Mandy and has never been able to truly quash that sense of what might have been.

Muse & Mun both aged over 18 years. Journal is for RP purposes only. RP, fanfiction and fun only. PB is Jonathan Rhys Myers.

Original Character for musebox/psl, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork.

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